How to Tie a Scarf - Part 1

Rope tied in a knot on a table
Knot like this.

Since almost a third of our product catalog is 100% silk scarves, it only makes sense for us to feature a few of the ways you can tie a scarf!

With so many options, we can't possible feature every style we see out in the wild. Instead, we'll pick a few to feature over the coming weeks, and you'll just have to check back every now and then when you're struggling in the morning how best to wear it that day.

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Are you ready?

Today's featured style is the Double Sided Twist. This one actually needs two scarves to make it work.

Start with placing both scarves back to back, so that each design is visible.

Then, wrap it around your neck a single time to see a blend of both designs featured around your neck.

That's it! Elegant and simple!

Collage of a woman tying a double sided twist scarf knot

Be sure to check back often to see the other ties available!

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