Our Fair Trade Products: Handmade Rosewood Bangles

Silhouette of the forest with a bird flying in the sky
Spread your wings today. Because you matter.

Here's a quick treat for you!

These bangles are just lovely. No wait, they're not just lovely...

They're AWESOME!

Four wooden bangles
Simply... Beautiful!

I mean, think about it. Go walk into a store and try to find the same thing. We'll wait.

Well, we won't really wait...

But even though these Handmade Rosewood Bangles are just plain wood, they take time to make... well, by hand.

And there's no store out there that will take a risk on something that makes the customer wait.

But hey, we've got it figured out. We've got a small supply of these bracelets on hand, so pick one up today!

Thanks so much for taking the time read about another one of our beautiful, Fair Trade imported products. It means a lot to us!

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