Our Fair Trade Products: Raindrop-Shaped Coal Pendant

Red and blue heart-shaped rocks held in a woman's hands
Our hearts are in your hands

When it comes to raw material, coal is probably not something that comes to mind as beautiful and elegant.

It's dirty!

It's messy!

It's ugly!

Raindrop-shaped coal pendant on a black string
Wait a minute...

But wait! This Raindrop-Shaped Coal Pendant is NONE of those things!

It's... smooth...

It's... clean...

It's... beautiful!

But it's not just a gorgeous pendant.

This pendant is made by artisans in Colombia, commissioned by the Colombian government to minimize child labor and provide new professions to the ever growing population.

The area in which these artisans live has been overrun by excessive and destructive mining habits, making traditional farming opportunities scarce. As such, each of our coal pendants provides a better life for the young men and women in the area by ensuring their safe, and sustainable, trade of jewelry can continue for many years to come.

Thanks for reading about a matter that we hold close to our heart.

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