Our Strategy: Twitter

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Tweet, tweet, retweet!
Update! - Start at our Strategy Intro post to know what to expect!


Tweets, likes, retweets, direct messaging... So many options for engaging with people; so little time!

So what's our standpoint with Twitter? Well, it's easy.

It all starts by reading β€” truly absorbing β€” the words that people are saying, and responding in a way that means something to them.

So that sounds nice and all... But what does it mean?

Well, as we peruse our feed to see what our known audience is talking about, we look for the life events. We look for graduations; for announcements; for well wishes; for prayers. We look for these things to leave a note of encouragement or a congratulations.

We aren't focusing solely on the followers with tens of thousands of followers of their own with a hope that our comment will suddenly spark a viral outbreak. In fact, our strategy starts with engaging before we even bother looking at the follower count!

Don't believe us? Well, we don't really blame you.

It's easy to talk the talk and claim, as a company, that some kind of high & mighty mantra is what you believe. We get it.

That's why, if you're reading this and you haven't engaged with us directly yet, we encourage you to do so! Go tag us in a tweet and search through our tweet history @three_by_six. You'll find more than enough examples where we make first contact with what the industry would call "small fish", leaving simple "Congrats!" and the like.

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We love all the fishes!

Or how about this dialog from a few weeks ago...


...and finally...

Be sure to check out the full thread and follow @lifesbcomeagif while you're at it!

Well, we hope you appreciated this little peek behind the curtain.

Our next post in this Our Strategy series will focus on Instagram, where we do things aΒ little bit differently!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @three_by_six or hit the easy button below to let usΒ prove that we can definitely walk the walk!

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Update! - See Our Instagram Strategy for part 2!

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