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Hello there! Have a seat and let's chat!

I think introductions are in order. My name is Phil, owner of Three by Six. I am one person in a small team running this brand with one real goal in mind: to make you feel valued as a person. What does that mean to us? Well, let me explain!

How many times have you browsed online only to feel like you are constantly being sold to. Advertising on social media, product placements in videos, search results personalized from your online behavior... There's no doubt that these technologies work, but it has left the customer (you and me alike) a bit cold. No longer do we feel the compassion that our time matters. Instead, we're treated like cattle on the digital farm, herded from website to website.

Curious Cows

I started this company with a different approach in mind. I want our visitors to feel satisfied by their experience, not pressured. Every email we receive, and every engagement we have on our various social media platforms is currently done by one of our team members.

Now, that's not to say we won't rely on some of these technologies to help bring visitors to our site. On the contrary - we'd be foolish to ignore them! However, we want our greatest source of traffic to be from our one on one engagements with our audience. The kind of engagement that genuinely makes people happy to have spoken with us, and to share the fact that we made them happy - not that we sold them something.

In this All About Us blog, we will be posting about who we are as people; what we are doing with the company; what new products may be coming down the road. This is our blog to talk about us.

Since there are always two sides of the coin, we will also be posting to our All About You blog. That blog is geared towards featuring you. We will be sharing stories of our experiences and engagements with our audience. Want to make it into that blog? There's really only one way - find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and say hi! We'd love to talk!

So welcome. Welcome to a different kind of shopping experience. Welcome to Three by Six.

Have a great day!

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