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Rebecca on the beach wearing sunglasses with her son
Next up is an interesting individual, no doubt. Her name is Rebecca Azzi, someone who couldn't resist showing everyone just how to make every hour of the day count. When she's not chasing around a toddler, she's hitting goals in her self-managed business as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!
Our relationship with Rebecca may be just beginning, but this post isn't about us. This is about making her voice heard by the rest of our audience!
Q: Hi Rebecca! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, and what do you do?

Hello! I'm from New York and the mom of my beautiful little boy who is currently 2.5 years old. I work from home as a Mary Kay Consultant and love learning about new skincare and makeup techniques.

Toddlers certainly don't make quality business partners. Unless your business is breaking things and making noise. Nice job making it work!
Q: How did you hear about us?
I was referred here from a friend.
Awesome! Nothing makes us happier than hearing we were recommended!
Q: Now, we pride ourselves on giving people positive experiences whenever they speak with us. How would you describe what your experience has been with interacting with us at Three by Six?
Your website is very professional and I love your selections of items!
Thanks! We've put a lot of long hours into making our site look and feel up to snuff.
Q: Is there anything else you want to share? Maybe something you're truly passionate about that you want people to check out?
You are more than welcome to check out my website if you are in the market for some quality skincare and cosmetics from a well known brand :)
Ahhh what a shameless plug. Just kidding! We'll definitely be sure to recommend you to anyone we come across!
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Q: Do you have any questions you'd like to ask us?
Where do you see your business/brand in a year from now?
Great question! We'd love to be a brand people know and talk about with their friends and family. A company that makes waves in various social efforts to increase awareness about causes and initiatives important to those around us. Maybe that's a little much for one year :)
Thanks for your time, Rebecca!

Well, that's just a little slice of who Rebecca is and what she does with her days. Be sure to request an invite to her Facebook page to see all the awesome work she's doing to empower women in her community and beyond as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant! You'll also get access to some of the wicked promotions she runs throughout the year.
Facebook Page: Rebecca's Mary Kay VIPs
Thank you, Rebecca, and good luck with your business!
Rebecca in her Mary Kay outfit in front of a red car

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