• Who are you?
  • We're a company based in Minnesota focused on you. We do everything we can to make sure that you are satisfied with your experience with us. Notice how we didn't say your purchase with us. That's because we value every interaction we have - in person, on our site, and on social media. It's part of who we are! So sit down, grab a book and a tea, and browse around to find a beautiful handmade product today.
  • I don't want to read anymore, I just want to talk to you!
  • Any questions can be sent via email to support@threebysix.com and we'd be happy to help! You can also send us traditional mail at the following address:

    Attn: Three by Six Support

    701 Washington Ave N Ste 111-129

    Minneapolis, MN 55401

  • What's shipping and handling like?
  • We are are proud to offer WORLDWIDE shipping! Most of our products ship from a warehouse in New York state, with shipping ranging from 2-10 business days worldwide. Orders sent in the US are shipped via USPS First Class. The shipping cost will be calculated in your cart, starting at $4.95 upwards based on the number of products ordered. For large orders, please be sure to email us at support@threebysix.com and we can help get you the best and most accurate rate for your order!
  • Will my items be sent in one package?
  • For logistical reasons, items in the same purchase will sometimes be sent in separate packages. Please keep this in mind when receiving deliveries.
  • What if there's something wrong with my purchase?
  • Send us an email at support@threebysix.com and include a few pictures to help describe what’s wrong, and we’ll do what we can to make things right again.
  • How do I return an item for a refund or exchange?
  • We are pleased to offer refunds or exchanges, within a certain time frame. Please see our Refund Policy for details.
  • What kind of tracking information do you rely on?
  • This site uses the Facebook Tracking Pixel and the Pinterest tag. Be sure to check their respective terms to ensure you agree with their usage. You can opt-out of these by signing out of your Facebook account at Facebook.com and/or configuring your browser's Do Not Track feature or your Pinterest personalization settings.