Burgundy Striped Silk Scarves in a knot
Burgundy, Plum, and Turquoise Striped Silk Scarves folded once
Plum Striped Silk Scarves in a knot
Turquoise Striped Silk Scarves in a knot

Handwoven Striped Silk Scarf from Afghanistan

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A touch of class; an embrace of luxury.

These silk scarves and shawls feature simple stripes on either end. Made in Afghanistan, an area known for being part of the famous silk route many years ago, each of these pieces are made by artisans who meticulously dye and weave each one by hand.

  • 11-1/2" by 81" long scarf  the perfect length to wrap snug around your neck or head
  • 23" by 81" long shawl  more than enough coverage
  • Lightweight and breathable  perfect for all seasons
  • Hypoallergenic  keeping you safe and healthy
  • Made in Afghanistan  hand-woven and dyed by passionate artisans
  • Processing Time: 1-2 business days
  • Worldwide shipping in 2-10 business days
  • This is a fair trade imported product